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Steve-Vocals, Guitar

Rather than spending this time to tell you all the bands Pushstart Wagon sounds like or is influenced by, let's talk historical perspective. When Pushstart formed, Clinton was entertaining interns in the Oval Office; The Lakers had yet to start their most current dynasty; and the current rash of home/car/face make over shows were still in the minds of soon-to-be-filthy-rich-TV-producers. Thus, it goes without saying that we have been rocking together for quite a while now - but not outdated.



In their more than 10 years together, the band changed line-up a time or two, which isn't important unless you remember them performing in the sans-Steve phase. The three original members (Ben Eggehorn on drums; Steve Guiles on guitar and vocals; and Eric Shouse on bass and backing vocals) are together again. The Pushstart sound changed a bit since their first incarnation. Still evident, however, are the Corgan-esque vocal stylings. The kids call their new sound a mix of alt-country with roots-rock segments, and some pop thrown in for the fans. At its heart, it's just rock and roll.



A funny thing happened along the way to making their upcoming release, "L.A. Was Our Alamo". Steve was contacted by an aspiring country singer and asked if he had any songs she could record. As Steve contemplated this request and sorted through pages of songs, he set aside a pile of potential candidates. Among those were songs written as gifts for his wife. Something in Steve's mind told him, "Bad idea," and he listened. He lost the job with the country singer but found a song in the circumstances. The situation led to "Country Star", and a promise to his wife: "May I never sell these songs that I wrote for you to a country star."

10 years have past, but the heart and soul of Pushstart Wagon still beats with rock and roll.

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